AEW: 4 wrestlers who can win the Women’s Title in 2020

AEW, Big Swole, Nyla Rose Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Big Swole, Nyla Rose Credit: All Elite Wrestling /
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Big Swole

That babyface could be Big Swole, for example. Swole will likely have a rivalry match with Britt Baker whenever Baker returns from an injury. Perhaps their match could even happen at All Out. It’s hard to choose between both of them, but Swole might be the favorite, given how much trouble she’s caused Baker and how difficult it is, storyline-wise, for someone to win a match after returning from such an injury.

Swole as AEW Women’s Champion written all over her. She’s another great all-around performer who brings plenty of intensity in the ring and has exceptional promo skills and charisma. AEW needs to give her a title reign and make her a cornerstone of the division, because she might have more upside than anyone else in the division.

I could see Swole building a lot of momentum and gaining even more fans due to this rivalry with Baker, since both women are playing their roles perfectly. Then, Swole can win the title.

If she faced Hikaru Shida for the championship, it would be a babyface vs. babyface match, but it would work out perfectly because it’s all about characters and storytelling. Swole and Shida are two great wrestlers with defined characters, so there’d be no issue there. AEW doesn’t shy away from breaking outdated wrestling norms related to in-ring storytelling.