WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 5 wrestlers who need to win

WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com /
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Apollo Crews

It’s incredible to see Apollo Crews as a champion in WWE, because it’s been quite the journey over the past four years since he was called up from NXT for the 2016 draft. Vince McMahon seemed to give up on Apollo just as quickly as he believed in him, as Apollo was immediately positioned as an Intercontinental Title competitor but then quickly turned into a lower mid-carder, then jobber, then Titus Worldwide member, then briefly-pushed-but-forgotten Raw star.

Now, Apollo is United States Champion and part of a major program involving two legends of the business in MVP and Bobby Lashley. Apollo will defend the title at WWE Extreme Rules 2020 against MVP, who unveiled his own, gold US Title in anticipation of defeating the young man who snubbed his “help”.

Crews needs to win. It’s not enough that he’s become champion and made it to his first-ever Pay Per View poster; he needs to have a memorable reign with the US Title. Apollo can be the one who elevates the United States Championship to its true value on Raw, as it has mostly been seen as the least valuable singles title in the company over the past few years with the way it’s carelessly changed hands.

MVP is a legend and is still a big deal, but Apollo is a part of the future for WWE and is wrestling at a higher level than just about any other man on Raw or SmackDown.