WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 5 wrestlers who need to win

WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com /
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Bray Wyatt

When Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt last faced off, the Universal Championship was on the line at Money in the Bank. And Strowman won, even using mindgames against the master of mindgames himself, pretending to join forces with Wyatt before defeating him.

The Wyatt Swamp Fight should be a treat, as WWE have nailed their cinematic matches to this point. Cinematic matches and Bray Wyatt go hand in hand, but we also have a chance to see another side of Strowman, who has been making more ground as a character in this storyline-driven Universal Title feud.

Since the title isn’t actually on the line in this cinematic match, it makes even more sense for Wyatt to pick up the victory. Because it’s not going to be a pinfall victory, probably, but a symbolic one involving The Fiend returning to set up a title match at SummerSlam in which the Fiend wins the Universal Title back to rule Friday Night SmackDown again.

If Wyatt loses, this feud is dead and we’re back to square one with Strowman as champion and no direction – least of all the credibility damage going 0-2 against Strowman would do for Wyatt. Although this is a less obvious outcome than Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler, it’s just as important for Wyatt to win at Extreme Rules, especially for storyline purposes.