WWE: Jeff Hardy has three great feuds in mind for the future

WWE, Jeff Hardy (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images)
WWE, Jeff Hardy (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will have a ‘Bar Fight’ at WWE Extreme Rules 2020, but hopefully Hardy has something better to do afterward.

The current storyline based around Jeff Hardy’s real-life battles with substance abuse and addiction has been rightfully criticized as disgraceful by WWE fans. It gets even worse, as the storyline may be written to bury Hardy on the way out if he doesn’t re-sign with the company. Hardy even lost to Sheamus at the Backlash Pay Per View.

But the less we saw about this current feud, the better. Hopefully, Hardy can have a better rivalry afterward that isn’t distasteful and actually does more to showcase Hardy as a performer, especially in the ring.

Hardy already has a few people in mind, too. In an appearance on “The Bump”, Hardy named three wrestlers he’d like to have a rivalry with next.

Here’s the quote, courtesy of WrestlingInc.com’s Brie Coder:

"“It would be a dream of mine – the first time I went to another wrestling world, I wrestled this young up and coming star named AJ Styles. My match with him was my first match back, and I remember being so nervous because he was so good,” Hardy recalls. “We’re both the same age, but we’re the complete opposites.“I’d also like to face Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt as well. If ‘The Fiend’ is around, I know there will be something special between me and him.”"

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy would definitely be a feud people are familiar with, and Styles is the current Intercontinental Champion. But The Phenomenal One is expected to drop the title to Matt Riddle at or before SummerSlam, so this would be a non-title feud.

We’ve heard Hardy hype up a match with Roman Reigns when he first returned. It’s unclear when it will be safe for Reigns to return to WWE, but when he does and if Hardy is still in the company, that would absolutely be a dream feud. Those two could put on a great match, even if it’s just a one-off on television.

Finally, Bray Wyatt. Whereas Reigns is “The Guy” everyone wants to face pretty much at all times, Wyatt has recently become a wrestler at the top of the wishlist for a lot of people. There’s a chance to have a real rivalry with deep storytelling – not this terrible stuff with Sheamus.

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Wyatt vs. Hardy could be incredible, and Wyatt, who will likely win the Universal Title back from Braun Strowman at SummerSlam, can help bring the best out of Hardy in promos.