AEW Mid-Year Awards: Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy battle for MVP

AEW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
AEW, Jon Moxley (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /
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Favorite Match

 Chris – “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks (AEW World Tag Team Championship match; Revolution)- With everything that’s happened in and out of wrestling, this match feels like it happened 50 lifetimes ago. Still, Omega and Page vs. The Young Bucks was arguably the best tag team match of the year, as the Elite members expertly meshed the expected top-tier athleticism with outstanding storytelling that forwarded the tensions between Page and the rest of his stablemates.

Jesse – FTR and The Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros, The Butcher and The Blade. It wasn’t the best match of the year in AEW, but it was close. The innovation displayed by all 8 men made this such a thrilling bout to watch. I found myself shaking my head in amazement at the feats of athleticism displayed throughout. FTR and The Young Bucks displayed great chemistry with their tag team moves as well as the one-upmanship when they were performing. To advance the story, The Lucha Bros returned after a few months away from the promotion to score the victory with The Butcher and Blade. It was an intelligently done spot fest that captivated my attention throughout.

Erik – My favorite match in AEW so far in 2020 is the Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. There has never been a match like it before and there probably won’t ever be one like it…well, until they do it again, hoping for a repeat of its success, because it was so stupid awesome. Who knows, maybe it really never CAN happen again, what with the necessity of an empty stadium to pull it off?

If this COVID thing carries over another year, maybe we see another Stadium Stampede just like the one we saw in May, but if things go back to normal any time soon, don’t count on there being another Stadium Stampede EXACTLY like the one we saw at Double or Nothing. Omega and Hardy, both wild-haired, chasing Sammy Guevara down across the Jacksonville Jaguars field in a golf cart to Santana and Ortiz summoning a different version of Matt Hardy with every dunk they made of him in a random, vacant pool – I don’t know if that magic is ever recaptured again. It has, without a doubt, been one of the greatest highlights of the COVID-Era.

Kevin – I’ll go with the tag match at Revolution between the Young Bucks and Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. It’s no surprise that those four guys in the ring put together a memorable match, but it was the story and friction heading into it that truly made it feel special when the lights came on.

Samantha – Omega/Hangman vs. Young Bucks at Revolution. It’s one of the best tag matches I’ve ever seen. It was incredible and all 4 men went all out. It’s on my MOTY list.

Honorable mention: Cassidy vs PAC

Sam – My favorite match this year was actually a match that took place on the most recent Fyter Fest card when The Young Bucks/FTR took on Butcher & The Blade/The Lucha Bros. A phenomenal match that really showcased what all four teams could really do in the ring.