WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Bold Predictions: Seth Rollins Will End Someone’s Career

WWE, Seth Rollins Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Seth Rollins Photo: WWE.com /
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3.) Robert Roode Will Return To Help Dolph Ziggler Win The WWE Title

When Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, he mentioned that Robert Roode was traded to Raw with him. This could have been a tease that Robert Roode would be a key factor in determining how Ziggler’s title match with McIntyre at WWE Extreme Rules will end. Maybe Robert Roode will return to help Dolph Ziggler win the WWE Championship.

With his choice of stipulation, Dolph Ziggler has the sun in his pocket and the moon in his hands. All he has to do is throw it up against the stars and watch it move in a dance. If Ziggler doesn’t win this match, it would be embarrassing. He did mention that he would select a stipulation that has never been seen before, so it seems farcical that he would be select the rumored TLC match.

What’s the point of having a TLC match at Extreme Rules when there’s already a TLC PPV in December? With hope that the rumor is a ruse, Ziggler should be more cunning in his approach. He could ban the Claymore, make this match a handicap match with Robert Roode on his side, or even tell McIntyre that he has to beat him via a 5-count, instead of a 3-count.

Selecting the right stipulation should help Ziggler emerge victorious as WWE Champion and soon drop the title back to Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam since he has a reputation of being booked as a transitional champion. Nonetheless, a stipulation that involves his tag team partner, Robert Roode, seems plausible enough to work.