WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Bold Predictions: Seth Rollins Will End Someone’s Career

WWE, Seth Rollins Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Seth Rollins Photo: WWE.com /
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1.) Seth Rollins Will Retire Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Will Retire? Rey Mysterio will lose both eyes? Rey Mysterio will retire? Indeed, Seth Rollins will make sure all of these events happen simultaneously at WWE Extreme Rules 2020 in order to end Rey Mysterio’s career. With Mysterio’s contract situation up in the air, this ‘eye for an eye’ match could very well write him off television.

Usually, a mask vs. hair match would have been suitable as a retirement match for Mysterio, but this unprecedented ‘eye for an eye’ match could be an upgrade. Maybe Dominick Mysterio might even turn heel by betraying his father, joining Seth Rollins’ discipleship, and helping Rollins actually take Mysterio’s eye out of its socket.

This could be Mysterio’s way of giving his son the moment he needs to become one of the top stars on Monday Night Raw. Let’s hope the WWE’s utilization of the CGI does this storyline justice. Nonetheless, Seth Rollins retiring Mysterio sounds like a foolproof plan that fulfills Rollins’ gimmick of making sacrifices for the greater good.

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In this case, it would be Mysterio’s eye and career being sacrificed to help his son’s career. Would an “Eye Quit Match” work better? Perhaps, but beauty is always in the ‘eye’ of the beholder, and there’s always more to this than meets the ‘eye.’