AEW Fight for the Fallen 2020 Results, Grades: Chris Jericho gets Orange Juiced

AEW, Chris Jericho (Photo by Xavi Torrent/Redferns)
AEW, Chris Jericho (Photo by Xavi Torrent/Redferns) /
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The Lucha Express vs. The Elite

Result: Kenny Omega wins with the One-Winged Angel

Grade: A-, Fantastic match. So many wonderful spots, and the stuff with Kenny Omega after the match was great. Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy shined a lot in this match.

Jungle Boy began the match with Nick Jackson in yet another huge test of his abilities. He’s already held his own with MJF, Chris Jericho, and Cody Rhodes in AEW. Jungle Boy’s athleticism and quick-thinking were on display to start the match, but it was hard for him to get an advantage over the experienced Nick Jackson.

Marko Stunt and Kenny Omega started wrestling, as Omega taunted Stunt. He baited Stunt with the handshake, and, as Jericho noted on commentary, he was clearly underestimating Stunt. Jericho pointed out that you can tell Omega is underestimating someone when he doesn’t even take off his shirt. After Stunt’s flurry of offense, the shirt was off.

Next up were Luchasaurus and Matt Jackson, with Matt getting knocked around by the larger competitor.

After the break, Jungle Boy hit a great headscissors and then clotheslined the hell out of Kenny Omega on the outside. Luchasaurus tagged in, crushing all three members of The Elite almost effortlessly. He and Jungle Boy were really stepping up to the plate in this match. A standing moonsault from Luchasaurus!

Omega hit snap-dragon suplexes on all three members of the Jurassic Express, but when he went for the V-Trigger, Lucahsaurus hit him with a back elbow. Then Luchasaurus threw Marko Stunt at Omega, and Stunt seamlessly hit him with a hurricanrana!

Jungle Boy hit a hurricanrana on Nick Jackson from the top rope, and then Stunt followed it up with a 450 splash!

Stunt nearly pinned Omega with a roll-up! Omega kicked out, hit the V-Trigger, and then hit the One-Winged Angel for the Elite’s win! Afterward, Omega started to lose it, smashing Stunt with fists for no reason and then showing a sick smile.

Is The Cleaner coming?