AEW: The top 5 rising stars of 2020 so far

AEW, Hikaru Shida (photo courtesy of AEW)
AEW, Hikaru Shida (photo courtesy of AEW) /
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Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy didn’t beat Chris Jericho, but he officially won over everyone’s hearts and respect by coming agonizingly close to upsetting a man who is often regarded as the best wrestler of all-time for both his longevity and versatility. Y2J himself was proud of the match he and Cassidy put together, and it’s easy to see why.

The way AEW has built up Cassidy has been genius, as they’ve been fully invested in making him feel like a special star in the company. He has such a unique character that nobody else in wrestling can begin to touch him, as his nonchalance is as endearing as his raw talent inside the ring is staggering.

Cassidy’s selling, moves, and charisma are at an elite level. He has the “It” factor, and that can take him extremely far in AEW.

I’m not sure if he has world title gold in his future, but the reality is that he’s so good we don’t even need to begin to assign his worth to championships. Cassidy has real staying power in AEW due to his character work. Again, there’s nobody in wrestling who is quite like him. There isn’t even a historical comparison for Cassidy, and that’s part of what makes him extra attractive to fans who tune into Dynamite each Wednesday night.