Impact Wrestling: Three Predictions for Slammiversary 2020

WWE, Zack Ryder (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)
WWE, Zack Ryder (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /
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Super Eric Returns To… TNA?

While Super Eric’s return at Slammiversary seems all but inevitable it is not yet known where on the card he will fall. He could be the mystery fourth entrant in the World Heavyweight Title match as he is a former champion as Impact has promised. But I don’t think so.

You see he isn’t actually a former Impact champion at all but a former TNA champion. His reign with the belt was in 2014 and the championship was changed over to the Impact World Heavyweight Championship in 2017 when he was already in NXT. However, the TNA Championship belt was resurrected during the quarantine and is being defended on the card as current TNA champion Moose takes on the challenger and ECW original Tommy Dreamer.

My estimation is that Moose attacks Dreamer from behind early in the night rendering him unable to compete in their match later on in the evening. Moose will go to the ring calling for the ref to count out Dreamer and declare him the victor when Super Eric’s music hits.

Moose does his Moose thing pacing and screaming about how this isn’t fair and isn’t right before Super Eric bounds into the ring hitting a Youngblood neck breaker out of nowhere for a quick and dirty pin moving the title off of moose and allowing him to move on to something more worthy of his time. Impact Wrestling could use this return and title change to push momentum to the previously announced TNA reunion PPV that had to be pushed again due to COVID.

Even if it’s just used as a way to remove the TNA championship on a night that sees the return to the Impact World Championship  I would be okay with that. Though I would personally prefer to continue this storyline of who the “real” world champion is with both belts being defended simultaneously until finally, we see a clash of titans as the belts are consolidated into one championship. Is Super Eric still the champion all that time? Maybe not. Is he even still Super Eric and not a different persona from his previous tenure? Maybe not. Am I still excited as all hell for this possibility? You Know it.

Speaking of that.