Impact Wrestling: Three Predictions for Slammiversary 2020

WWE, Zack Ryder (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)
WWE, Zack Ryder (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /
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The Major Brothers Debut and Give Depth To The Tag Division

Matt Cardona and Bryan Meyers were a part of the recent slew of WWE releases. While Cardona and Meyers are currently in the works of establishing a real, legitimate, figure fed. Neither of the men is ready to hang up their actual wrestling boots just yet. I contend that bringing the major brothers in to compliment their less than deep men’s tag division can do nothing but bolster the division in the eyes of the IWC.

Impact’s tag division is currently the only weak spot in the promotion with only 5 active teams appearing regularly on AXS TV several of which are not believable challengers for the Impact World Heavyweight titles. So much so that a cobbled-together team of Ken Shamrock and Sammi Callihan will be challenging champions The North at Slammiversary. Impact desperately needs to inject new life into the division. While the recently announced signing of the “Good Brothers” will go a long way to increase public awareness of the division Impact does not want to find themselves in a position where the whole division is based around one or two teams. At least not again.

My recommendation would be that after a hard-fought match just when it looks like The North will drop the titles to Callihan and Shamrock, Meyers and Cardona run in and break up the pin beating down the team enough that The North can capitalize. This is not to say that The Major Brothers or whatever they will be called will be aligned with the north but that due to their love and respect for tag team wrestling they could not watch a duo of wrestlers who are not a team take the titles. Then they challenge them to a “real tag match” at the next PPV for the titles.

And since we’re talking about Tag Titles.