WWE: The Horror Show at Extreme Rules Predictions Roundtable

WWE, Drew McIntyre (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE, Drew McIntyre (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /
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Give me one BOLD prediction for The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, something that you didn’t predict in the previous questions.

MJ: Banks will attempt to spit blue mist at Asuka in retaliation for the green mist Asuka spit in her face during her match with Io Shirai on NXT. However, Asuka will probably dodge it and the mist will unfortunately (but conveniently) slather Bayley’s face instead. This will cause tension to flare up between Bayley and Banks on the road to SummerSlam before they officially break up.


AS: Rey Mysterio is all about family, but it would be wonderful if Dominick decides to switch places and joins hands with “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins.

It would be the ultimate swerve that no one saw coming and instead of his eye, it would be wonderful if Dominick decides to unmask his father. A change like this will give him more attention than he currently receives, and this mixed with a match between the father and son down the line will be a good idea.

Dominick has skipped the line, and instead of being a part of the “Black and Gold” brand, he is now on the main roster. He needs to do something that makes his character more credible while engaging the fans more with his work.

PL: My bold prediction is that Seth Rollins will win the Eye for an Eye match and blind Rey Mysterio, forcing him to retire. We will get a few vignettes featuring Mysterio, who is now blindfolded and maskless, while he trains his son Dominic to make his official debut. Then, he can eventually return and work as his manager, as well.

CJ: No DQ/Countout finishes. Sure, this seems like a mundane prediction, but this is the same company that has booked non-finishes for Hell in a Cell matches. I put nothing past WWE and their need to “extend the feud.” With four gimmick matches on the show and the other three appearing to be story-enders, I doubt we see any cheap disqualifications or countouts

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There you have it dear readers! What are your thoughts on the upcoming PPV, and what are your predictions? What about your reactions to the predictions?

Regardless of if you’re excited, apathetic, or somewhere in-between about the show, hopefully WWE provides us with three hours of solid entertainment come Sunday. Enjoy the show!