WWE: Ranking the promotion’s top 5 women so far in 2020

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WWE, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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Who have been WWE’s best women’s wrestlers in 2020 thus far?

It’s safe to say this year has been a peculiar one for the world as a whole, and WWE has not been immune to this, yet it’s wrestlers still strive to be at the top of the wrestling food chain.  Even still, the WWE has done it’s best to survive amidst a worldwide pandemic in the hopes of keeping the fans entertained through this hardship the world is facing.

In doing so the WWE has given its wrestlers the opportunity to shine in 2020 and several women wrestlers have come out on top this year. Let’s begin with number five on the list of the current Top Five Women in WWE.

5. Sonya Deville

Although this year has been so detrimental to so many, Sonya Deville has really had nothing short of a breakout growth year within the WWE. For the greater half of her time within the WWE, Deville has been best known for her time as being a part of Fire and Desire. From being blurred out on screen to put more emphasis on her former best friend, Mandy Rose, to giving up quintessential matches to Mandy, Sonya Deville has constantly gotten the short end of the stick.

2020 is a breakout year for Deville because she has finally stepped out from underneath the shadow of Mandy’s contagious glow. In doing so, Sonya even called Mandy out for being “the most selfish human being”…”with no talent.”

Although it is unfortunate and heart wrenching to know that Fire & Desire never received an adequate (and well deserved) women’s tag team title run, Sonya’s new fiery attitude and heel turn may have lasting residual effects for the superstar’s career.

Breaking away from Rose may be proving to be a bit harder than anticipated for Deville as the two have been in a feud for the greater part of this year, however, this feud allows both women to have the opportunity to let their wrestling styles and individuality shine.

If Sonya Deville plays her cards right (and keeps Mandy out of her head) she can very well show the entire WWE Universe as well as the SmackDown roster why she is deserving of a SmackDown Women’s Title match opportunity against the current champion, Bayley.

Sonya Deville has been having a solo breakout year within the WWE, and there is no doubt that she is on her way to being the female representative across all WWE platforms, however, Deville needs to keep her head in the game. Sonya’s “Put Your Hair Up and Square Up” catchphrase has always shown that she is a woman who is about her business and in order to keep this persona alive, Deville needs to also leave Mandy in the dust in order to focus on the bigger picture at earning a singles championship match opportunity.

If Sonya wants to stay on top of the charts as one of the Top Five Women Wrestlers in WWE for the latter half of 2020, she has got some refocusing to do, however, the stellar solo breakout year that Deville has been having currently explains precisely why she was able to make the cut as one of the top five women in WWE.