Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2020: Results, Highlights, and Grades

Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards face off on the October 11, 2019 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. Photo: IMPACT Wrestling
Ace Austin and Eddie Edwards face off on the October 11, 2019 edition of IMPACT Wrestling. Photo: IMPACT Wrestling /
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Heath Slater drops Rohit Raju

Heath Slater ran out to the ring as one of the surprises and made it known that he has his eyes on the final slot in the main event. It wasn’t long before Rohit Raju came out to get beat up. Slater is likely to unite with Rhino shortly, so I’m surprised they didn’t do something together tonight.

X-Division Championship Match: Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey

Result: Chris Bey won the title via pinfall

Rating: 3.5/5.0 Stars

Grade: A-

What a sprint this was. Mack and Bey held nothing back as soon as the bell rang. The pace slowed a little bit a few minutes in as Bey knocked Mack down, but then Mack came back to keep Bey grounded temporarily. Mack continues to prove that the X-Division truly means “no limits” and Bey did everything in his power to outwork the champion.

The match was shorter than expected, but these two more than delivered. Bey nailed the cutter to capture his first X-Division Championship! I’m not sure where this reign is going to go, but the X-Division is in good hands with Bey at the top.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The North (c) vs. Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock

Result: The North retained

Rating: 3.75/5.0 Stars

Grade: A-

The North have stayed at the top of the tag division so long that they were forced to take on a makeshift team. I don’t hate the idea of it, although it’s nice to see new teams have arrived to help this problem.

As for the match itself, Shamrock and Alexander worked their technical magic, while Page and Callihan trash-talked to open this battle on a positive note. It’s still mind-boggling to see Shamrock do the things that he does at 56 years old. Meanwhile, Ethan Page is in the best shape of his career and he worked his ass off here.

Callahan and Shamrock had tension here and there, but it came to a head when Shamrock accidentally roundhouse kicked Sami off the apron. After a fun back-and-forth brawl, The North stole the win. But that wasn’t all for them. Motor City Machine Gun came out after and announced they will have a title match on Tuesday’s Impact. I’m not always a fan of pay-per-views being used to set up something bigger for free TV, however, I dig this set-up and am extremely excited for Tuesday.