WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Results and Grades: Sasha Banks Shocked The World

Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com
Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com /
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Bayley (c) (w/Sasha Banks) vs. Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) [SmackDown Women’s Championship]

Result: Bayley

Rating: 4.0/5.0 Stars

Grade: B+

Bayley and Nikki Cross started off strong with this match. They kept the pace very steady and gradually built up to their rallies appropriately. Nikki Cross delivered her patented CrossBodies, BullDogs, Tornado DDTs, and Neckbreakers. Bayley delivered some signature right knees strikes and one Bayley to Belly before getting a close two-count nearfall. This was Nikki Cross’ first one-on-one title match and it went very well.

The turning point of the match came when Bayley went shoulder first into the steel post. Nikki Cross took advantage to deliver a Perfect Cross off the edge of the apron but only got a two-count inside the ring. Sasha Banks distracted the referee and sent her ‘Boss’ ring to Bayley, allowing Bayley to punch Cross in the abdomen in the ring and pick up the victory with the Headlock DDT for the retention and the victory. Bayley retained the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The rifts had not yet been drawn in the friendship between Bayley and Banks. Since Banks helped Bayley, it will be interesting to see if Bayley returns the favor later in the night in the Raw Women’s Championship with Asuka. Only time will tell when it comes to the greatest rivalry in the women’s division today.

Analysis: Show-stealing match. Bayley continues to thrive as SmackDown Women’s Champion and elevate the division. Nikki Cross looked like a main event superstar in this match with Bayley. They had incredible chemistry and in-ring psychology throughout the match. As for the finish, Bayley won nefariously, which was excellent for a heel as well. She always finds an innovative way to cheat, which is what a true heel champion should be doing.