WWE SummerSlam 2020 Predictions: Sasha Banks Will Rewrite History

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin [Grudge Match]

At WWE Survivor Series 2019, King Corbin eliminated Matt Riddle from Team NXT. At WWE Royal Rumble 2020, Corbin eliminated Riddle from the Royal Rumble. On last week’s SmackDown, Corbin attacked Riddle after his fluky pin-fall loss to Styles in what was a heavily promoted main event Intercontinental Championship match.

On last night’s WWE Extreme Rules 2020, they did not wrestle but their match should be scheduled for WWE SummerSlam 2020, where Riddle can finally get his babyface comeuppance. Corbin has not won on PPV in quite a long time, so it would be sensible for him to pick up the victory here, but this program is evidently intended for Riddle to go over.

Prediction: Matt Riddle

Seth Rollins (w/Buddy Murphy) vs. Dominick Mysterio (w/Kevin Owens) [Grudge Match]

On last night’s WWE Extreme Rules 2020, Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio in an ‘eye for an eye’ match, essentially writing him off television. It’s highly probable and possible that Dominick Mysterio will attempt to get revenge against Rollins for his father by battling Rollins in his first ever match at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

Since Owens defeated Murphy in the kickoff show of Extreme Rules, he should help train Dominick to defeat Rollins in Rey Mysterio’s absence. Owens has Rollins’ number, so he is best fit to help Dominick in that department. However, since Dominick is still green, Rollins should defeat Dominick and add him to his faction for an effective heel turn and risible swerve.

Prediction: Seth Rollins