Impact Wrestling: 5 dream opponents for Heath

Heath Slater, Impact Wrestling (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Heath Slater, Impact Wrestling (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images) /
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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary saw the shocking appearance of Heath, formerly Heath Slater. Which dream matches has this opened the door for?

Roughly one hour into Impact Wrestling Slammiversary, commentary was discussing Kylie Rae’s victory in a gauntlet to decide a future challenger for the Impact Knockouts Championship. As they were talking, we suddenly saw Heath, formerly WWE’s Heath Slater, jump the barricade and grab a microphone.

Heath took to the ring, making his presence felt and throwing his name out for the open challenge against The Rascalz. Sadly, that match had already happened, which was news to Heath.

He also threw his name out to fill the final slot in the Impact World Championship match, but that opening has been advertised as being filled by a former Impact World Champion. As he told the locker room to “watch the hell out,” Heath was interrupted by Rohit Raju, who quickly fell victim to the “Free Agent.”

After dispatching of Raju, Heath was shown later walking backstage where he ran into his former tag team partner Rhino. As the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions caught up with each other, deja vu started to intervene as a backstage producer approached them.

The fun came crashing down as the emphasis was put on “Free Agent” and Heath was informed that he doesn’t actually work there, and with Slammiversary being a closed set, he needed to leave the building. Deflated, Heath left but not before getting reassurances from Rhino.

His former partner told Heath to show up to the building on Tuesday and that Rhino would “take care of it.” It all felt very reminiscent of the situation following the 2016 WWE Draft.

Then known as Heath Slater, he’d gone undrafted and ultimately an unlikely pairing with Rhino led the duo to become the first-ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions and earn Heath a contract. Now, it looks like Rhino will once again be helping “Free Agent” Heath get a job.

It’s not clear how long it will take Heath to earn his job, but we’ll surely be seeing more of him in Impact Wrestling moving forward. After 14 years with WWE, the possibilities seem endless for the former leader of 3MB. What dream matches await Heath?

Ken Shamrock

This is the kind of match that seemed truly farfetched just six months ago, but chances are it’ll happen sometime in the near future. Ken Shamrock may have his hiccups, he’s certainly not in his prime at 56 years old, but he continues to be in good shape and is pretty solid in the ring.

The most intriguing aspect about this would be the challenge for Slater, who spent most of his WWE career as a devalued jobber who never really stood a chance against anyone. Ken Shamrock, even at this age, is a force to be reckoned with.

In one night, with the sheer force of will to fight through an ankle lock and pick up an unlikely victory over Shamrock, Heath could instantly upgrade his standing and show that this isn’t the same old Heath. It would also give Heath and opportunity to show parts of him against a style like Shamrock that he never got to show in WWE.