WWE Raw: 3 stipulations Drew McIntyre could pick for Dolph Ziggler

WWE, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com /
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Dolph Ziggler has to leave WWE Raw if he loses

It’s not often a wrestler gets to beg twice to receive a world title opportunity, but that’s exactly what’s happened to the entirely undeserving Dolph Ziggler. But the Show-Off will pay dearly for getting on his knees to grovel for a second world title match against the man who made him a tag champion two years ago.

McIntyre wants Ziggler gone, as do many WWE fans after Dolph has weaseled his way into two opportunities that most young wrestlers on Raw are just itching to get for the first time in their careers. The two-time world champion will get his chance next week, but it could lead to his banishment from Raw.

I’d expect McIntyre to have a harsh punishment befitting the kind of stakes Dolph implied he’ll allow Drew to place on this match. Dolph leaving Raw would allow McIntyre to punish his opponent incredibly harshly and write the heel off television for a while, perhaps even to the point where Ziggler would have to resurface on another brand again.

Whatever the case, it’s hard to see this ending well for Ziggler, and McIntyre has every reason to no longer want to share a brand with a man who manipulated his friend Heath Slater and has been a constant thorn in his side.