WWE Raw: 3 stipulations Drew McIntyre could pick for Dolph Ziggler

WWE, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com /
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Dolph Ziggler can no longer challenge for the WWE Title

Now this one is similar to Dolph Ziggler having to leave WWE Raw, but it would have far more lasting consequences for the experienced wrestler. Drew McIntyre could be so sick of Ziggler begging for undeserved title opportunities, as he did last year with then-WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, that he wants to put an end to Ziggler ever challenging for a world title again.

So if Ziggler loses this match on Raw next week, he can no longer challenge for any world championship for the rest of his career. It’s actually a realistic stipulation despite its severity, since Ziggler is at a point where he can never be a world champion in his career again. As sad as that is to say about a wrestler who was once one of the company’s best, fans just care that little about him after his booking over the years. His current booking in 2020 included.

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At 39, Ziggler has accomplished a lot in wrestling and still holds an important role in the roster. And he can still challenge for or even win tag and mid-card titles. But McIntyre has a chance to vanquish Ziggler’s opportunities at the world title, and we’re coming at a point in Raw where WWE is seriously starting to focus on the future at the expense of the past. Hence the “Greater Good of Monday Night Raw” rhetoric from Seth Rollins.