WWE NXT: Predicting six more Triple Threat competitors

WWE NXT, Damian Priest, Pete Dunne Photo: WWE.com
WWE NXT, Damian Priest, Pete Dunne Photo: WWE.com /
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Raul Mendoza

Another member of Escobar’s faction, Raul Mendoza first piqued the WWE NXT audience’s interest at Full Sail when he was an enhancement talent. Mendoza was completely unknown, but he looked a lot more slick in the ring than most enhancement talents. Mendoza’s top-rope moves and selling caught attention, and he looked like a solid babyface.

He is even more intense, physical, and strong as a heel working with Escobar, and, like Wilde, he needs a spotlight and a credibility boost. Perhaps Mendoza and Wilde can emerge as a strong tag team and tag title contenders alongside Escobar as the Cruiserweight Champion. Like a few names on this list, Mendoza won’t win a Triple Threat match, but he can make the most out of this small opportunity.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Although Isaiah Scott is expected to challenge Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship as the current top babyface in the division, Swerve should have eyes on the North American Title, too.

Any match with Swerve automatically becomes better. The man is a genius. He has the total package as far as charisma on the mic, technical ability in the ring, selling, and an understanding of how to be a great babyface.

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Scott could really be the next North American Champion. As his match at NXT Great American Bash against Johnny Gargano showed, he can already hold his own with the absolute best in this industry. Swerve should win a Triple Threat match, but if he doesn’t, it should set up an intense, memorable rivalry with Escobar that elevates the Cruiserweight Title.