AEW: Possible tag teams for The Deadly Draw tournament

AEW, Big Swole, Nyla Rose Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Big Swole, Nyla Rose Credit: All Elite Wrestling /

The Deadly Draw is a 8-team women’s tournament that will air sometime this summer.

On this week’s Dynamite, a promo aired announcing a new tournament. An all women’s tournament featuring eight tag teams would be coming this summer. The full name is AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw.

Not much else is known, such as what they’re competing for or when it’ll start. We do know that the Nightmare Sisters, Brandi Rhodes and Allie, are one of the teams. Based on the promo that aired, we also know that Big Swole, Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, Anna Jay, Diamanté and AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida will all be competing.

Due to injury and travel bans related to COVID-19, some of the participants are limited. Since we only know of one tag team, let’s have some fun fantasy booking the other teams. All available AEW Women’s wrestlers are included.

Hikaru Shida & Big Swole

Kris Statlander tweeted that she didn’t want Shida to find a partner better than her. The champion tweeted that there’s no chance that she could partner with someone from Japan. Enter Big Swole. Swole has spent the last few weeks having some “fun” with Britt Baker. Baker may call it terrorizing but that’s not the point. With Baker out until ALL OUT, Swole needs somewhere to focus her energy.

Teaming with Shida would be fantastic. Although they have different styles and personalities, a desire to win is what they have in common. Shida and Swole faced off at AEW Dark last November, with the champion coming out on top. They could very well dominate this women’s tournament and win the whole thing.

Abadon & Allie Kat

This may seem like an odd pairing, but hear me out. We haven’t seen very much of Abadon, but we know she’s unhinged. Allie Kat is the queen of death matches. Abadon’s unpredictability combined with Allie Kat’s reckless abandon could lead to quite the formidable team. They will do whatever is necessary to secure a victory.

Nyla Rose & Faye Jackson

We’ve seen Faye Jackson (err, Cousin Tasha) ringside at both Dark and Dynamite. Fans have been hopeful to see her in an AEW ring. Can you image the sheer power of these two personalities as a team? They’ll certainly have people talking. With Vickie as Nyla’s manager, she’ll know doubt help guide this duo to victory.

Penelope Ford & Priscilla Kelly

Penelope Ford has really started coming into her own this year. She stepped up at Double or Nothing when she was put in a title match days before the show. Priscilla has had two appearances in AEW. A tag team tournament is a good way for fans to see what she’s all about beyond a viral video. Ford & Kelly would be a devious duo and not afraid to win by alternative means.

Leva Bates & Solo Darling

Leva Bates has one victory in AEW and she didn’t even wrestle in the match thanks to Nyla Rose dominating their opponents. She is winless in 2020 as she has mostly focused on managing her fellow Librarian, Peter Avalon. Pairing her with Solo Darling increases her chances of improving her win-loss record. Darling is currently one half of The Bird and The Bee with Willow Nightingale. They held the CHIKARA tag team champions before the company became defunct. Darling & Bates would be a fun duo to watch. If we’re lucky, Darling will bring Officer Magnum with her.

Anna Jay & Hyan

Anna Jay just started wrestling less than a year ago. She was signed to AEW after only a few matches. She needs someone with more ring time to guide her along. Hyan is the current Shimmer champion. She trained under WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T and is a two-time Diamond’s Division champion in Reality of Wrestling. Having wrestled women like Jordynne Grace and Kylie Rae, Hyan brings much needed ring experience and leadership to someone as fresh as Anna Jay.

Mel & Diamanté

Mel has let her in-ring work do the talking since she debuted in AEW, although she made a bold statement when she shaved her head to join The Nightmare Collective. Diamanté is a brash, confident woman. Their personalities could be a nice mesh; silent killer Mel with Diamanté’s leadership could spell dominance for this pair.

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AEW has been listening to their fans and giving popular indy stars like Eddie Kingston, WARHORSE and Ivelisse a shot. The Deadly Draw gives them an opportunity to bring in more women talent from the indy scene.

No matter which women are ultimately apart of The Deadly Draw, it’s a good thing for AEW. The women’s division has been a subject that fans have had a lot of opinions on. It hasn’t grown as fast for some. Its underutilized and women aren’t showcased as much as they could be. This tournament will get more focus on a women’s division that’s been depleted for months.

AEW has an opportunity to do something really special for not only them, but women’s wrestling as a whole.