WWE Raw: 3 targets for Randy Orton to call out this week

Randy Orton, WWE (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Randy Orton, WWE (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images) /
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Drew McIntyre

The safest bet for Randy Orton to feud with at SummerSlam is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. His days as world champion, unfortunately, could be numbered, because two title matches against Dolph Ziggler spells trouble. Most champions who feud with Ziggler lose their titles shortly after.

McIntyre has been a wonderful champion, so it would be sad to see him lose the title at SummerSlam without ever walking into a raucous arena as a babyface world champ. But since fans are a long way’s off, I’d like to refer to WrestlingNews.Co’s report about the possibility of Orton and Edge feuding for the title and then McIntyre getting his crowning title win with fans in the audience.

In order for that to happen, Randy Orton has to be the one to beat McIntyre for the title at the Biggest Party of the Summer. There isn’t anyone on the WWE Raw roster who makes more sense as the person to beat McIntyre than Orton, because at least McIntyre would lose to a big star whom he can later get revenge on. And it could make that second program in 2021 even better.

McIntyre vs. Orton would be a great match with even more memorable moments on the road to Aug. 23. Both men are exceptional athletes and promos, capable of making a title feud feel incredibly personal. Hell, Orton has made a career as a heel by making things personal. Remember what he did to the McMahons and Triple H? It won’t get weird between Orton and McIntyre, but it would definitely get intense.