WWE SummerSlam 2020: 3 possible title opponents for Drew McIntyre

WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com
WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com /
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Shelton Benjamin

Randy Orton is the obvious answer for Drew McIntyre at WWE SummerSlam 2020, and the Chosen One has so few possible challengers on Raw that we really have to think outside the box with guys like Adam Cole. But thinking outside the box is part of the fun when predicting.

If you want a great opponent who Vince McMahon will probably never pick (but should), then how about Shelton Benjamin? He recently joined MVP’s stable, and while it’s hard to see a guy who is rarely getting wins on television in a match like this, we’ve seen what MVP can do with his influence in pulling some strings. And MVP still wants to play a role in McIntyre’s downfall.

Benjamin wouldn’t win the world title, but if Dolph Ziggler can get two world championship matches against McIntyre, then how is it any less believable for an even more iconic wrestler with a legit background to get one? If WWE have other plans for Randy Orton and don’t want to call up Adam Cole, then they should strongly consider giving Benjamin a shot.

Plus, there’s a little Brock Lesnar and Benjamin story here to explore. Benjamin and Lesnar were on good terms for a bit in the Royal Rumble that McIntyre won, and Lesnar won’t be at SummerSlam to get another crack at the title. So maybe Benjamin jumps in and wants to impress Lesnar and seize an opportunity here, too. There’s something to explore there storyline wise.

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But at the end of the day, Benjamin vs. McIntyre could be a match that blows people away, even moreso than the way Ziggler vs. McIntyre surprised some people at Extreme Rules.