WWE: The most underrated wrestlers on each brand

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Hello, I am not Elias, but the superstar has not got anything else to say than this during his main roster run. If you have followed his NXT run, you would be aware that the superstar had the same gimmick, but he was still plausible. The same changed when Elias decided to move to the main roster. He had some moments on TV, but they were few and far between which are a waste of the talent possessed by this amazing superstar.

It is about time that WWE understands the genius in this superstar and allow him to rise and shine.

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke is a superstar that needs no introduction because her skills speak for her. Despite her accolades, WWE keeps putting her in a karaoke challenge, and other segments that add no value to the women’s division or the superstar and it confirms that the company is not working on or with the superstar to make her a bankable star.

It is undeniable that Brooke is a powerhouse and if given the right opportunities, she can not only take the division to new levels but also help her own career. It’s time for the underwhelming WWE creative team to do better by her.