WWE Raw Predictions: Drew McIntyre Will Make Someone Quit

WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com
WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com /
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1.) Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler [‘I Quit’ Match]

Last week on WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre accepted Dolph Ziggler’s request for a rematch since he gets to choose the stipulation. While our Kevin Parvizi ingeniously expatiated on three stipulations that McIntyre could select, the stipulation should actually be an ‘I Quit’ Match because Ziggler would not ask for any more rematches for the WWE Championship if he quits.

Once Ziggler quits, not only would Batista be proud but also McIntyre can now focus on fresh challengers for WWE SummerSlam 2020. As mentioned earlier, Orton promised that he would reveal his next target. Instead of blatantly mentioning it at the start of the show, Orton is cunning enough to let his actions speak louder than his words.

As soon as McIntyre wins this match, Orton should deliver an RKO from outta nowhere, deliver a Punt to McIntyre’s skull, and raise the WWE Championship up high to foreshadow the end of McIntyre’s reign. Not only would this be a solid ending to Monday Night Raw but it would also tease the rejuvenation of the age of Orton that rarely anyone wants to see in 2020.

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Booking Orton in a program with McIntyre will do wonders for the future of the WWE. It would be a compelling clash between the past and the future. WWE needs to continue investing in the latter because the company’s continual reliance on past part-time superstars is a deplorable booking strategy that would be unimaginably pernicious to its long term success.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre