AEW: Five opponents for Cody’s open challenge

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Lio Rush

Lio Rush is out of the WWE and one of the most important names available in the wrestling industry. The WWE dropped a major ball when they were unable to properly leverage Rush as a character and talent. He can perform with anyone on the roster and in a time when delivering promos is more important, Rush can succeed in that space as well. He was one of the names cut back in April and it seemed past backstage issues played a part in that decision. The professional wrestling industry has found a way to forgive names like Tessa Blanchard, Jim Cornette, and Sammy Guevara. Rush may be an outspoken individual, but that does not mean he should be devoid of opportunities in the industry that he loves.

Rush returned to competition as a surprise competitor at last weekend’s GCW showcase. He and Joey Janela (another AEW roster member) tore down the house, reminding everyone that Rush can still go. If he decides that he still wants to perform at the highest of levels, there is no doubt that Rush can still do it. Imagine him coming out as a surprise opponent to Cody. If the push to sign Eddie Kingston and Ricky Starks were massive after their appearances, the push to sign Lio Rush would dwarf both.