AEW: Five opponents for Cody’s open challenge

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Matt Cardona

This is an easy selection because it is one that is very anticipated. The performer formerly known as Zack Ryder is one that hardcore wrestling fans have been behind for a very long time. He is another individual on the ever-growing list of former WWE performers that could have been much more than how the promotion presented him. He, like Lio Rush, was on the list of those cut in April, which brought an end to his 15-year tenure with the company.

AEW is trying to rebuild Shawn Spears as a credible threat since mishandling some of his early work in the promotion. With Tully Blanchard at his side, Spears is slowly putting together a bunch of wins that matter. He was a friend of Cody which helped him get into AEW before turning on him soon after. Cardona can be introduced in the same fashion, potentially siding with Spears to become a tag team and a thorn in Cody’s side. Cardona is a strong performer in the ring as well and he can hang with Cody in a 10 to 15-minute match. Every person that leaves WWE should not immediately “go to AEW” as so many suggest, but the addition of Matt Cardona as a challenger to Cody’s TNT championship would work.