AEW: Five opponents for Cody’s open challenge

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Nick Gage

One of the interesting aspects of AEW is that they allow their wrestlers to do different style of matches. Rather than wrestle the same type of match week in, week out like their competitors, the wrestlers on the AEW roster switch up their match styles on a consistent basis. Cody showed that last week when he faced off against Eddie Kingston in a no-disqualification match. That match opens the door for another independent name that is known for his violent matches, Nick Gage.

The idea of Gage wrestling on network television probably excites hardcore fans but would horrify the casual audience. But that does not mean they would turn away. Gage uses the violence of his matches tell an interesting story. In this pairing, the story would be Cody having to dig deep to overcome yet another opponent willing to go to any lengths to take that belt. Gage may not have the long-term position in a mainstream promotion like AEW, but that can quickly change with being brought into the promotion as a special guest for a one-off match to test the water.