AEW: Five opponents for Cody’s open challenge

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No one ever said that the TNT championship division is just for men. Cody has long said that the open challenge is for anyone in the promotion and in the independent circuit. Jazz has been a surprise entrant in the AEW world once, taking part in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale. But that should not be the last time that she is seen in the organization.

With nearly 22-years of experience in professional wrestling, some may forget what Jazz has done in the industry. She is performed and competed against men nearly every step of the way, including in ECW and WWE. She is a credible competitor that does not need any softball booking to come off as legit. This is another opportunity for Cody to continue that slow heel turn that he is going through. Jazz does not have to be face but book the match in the way that makes it seem like Cody is not taking her serious until Jazz starts to get the better of him. AEW needs to continue to bolster their women’s division. One way to do so is to bring in Jazz but reintroduce her as a surprise opponent for Cody and make sure she can hang with anyone in the ring, regardless of gender.