WWE: The need for women’s mid-card feuds

WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com /

WWE needs to more women’s mid-card feuds to establish names

The Golden Role Models captured all the WWE main roster gold. Some fans are elated, while others detest the idea of two women with all the top prizes. Does this create an issue for other women trying to get on television? The answer to that question is no. In fact, current trends in WWE booking show why there is an increased need to have more viable mid-card feuds for the women, yet another area where WWE booking is struggling.

One thing that is clear about the WWE roster is that they have a wealth of talent on every brand. COVID-19 has impacted those that are available for television time, but this is still a roster that other organizations would kill to work with. With seven hours of weekly television, along with additional shows on the WWE Network and their massive YouTube following, it is concerning that the promotion cannot build adequate mid-card feuds for the ladies.

WWE Creative has challenges with the same issue on the men’s side of the roster, but with more belts to fight for, there is a bit of room to work in that space. But for the women, therefore it is even more important to establish potential stars and future challengers with quality, sustained booking outside of the title picture. There is plenty of content time available for the ladies and that time must be better allocated by creating intriguing angles with individuals not named Banks and Bayley.

“Why do we need two double champions? Is SummerSlam going to be like low-key Evolution with Sasha and Bayley wrestling for their singles titles and for the tag titles,” former NXT champion, Ember Moon said on her Twitch channel. “Is that a thing? Are we just reliving Triple H [& Steve Austin, Two Man Power Trip] from 2001? Sasha & Bayley have done a great job with a limited roster, but there are too many people sitting at home to tie up all the titles with two people.”

Before fans of the Golden Role Models grab their torches and come for Moon, there is some truth in her comments. There are plenty of women that are at home and in Florida that can use television time. But the titles being on Banks and Bayley is not what is limiting their time; it is the lack of developed undercard feuds for the ladies.

Hopefully change is on the way

Take Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. They needed less than five minutes on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw to build a feud that has some interested in what they can deliver. Bianca Belair is another individual who would benefit from an angle of sorts, but she has been used sparingly since being called up to the red brand.

There is too much talent, content time and platform reach for the women on the WWE roster to be so under-utilized. A champion can never become intriguing without a compelling challenger nipping at their heels. WWE’s current process of building challengers in 1-2 weeks shows how they are continuing to fail in their planning and hurting the product overall. Especially in the women’s division.

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Let Natalya and Lana cause shenanigans as a tag team against NXT talent. Allow Baszler and Jax to pummel each other for weeks on end. Tell the story between Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan everyone wanted to see. The split between Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss is yet another story ready to be told. All of these are examples of undercard feuds needed in the women’s division and they are needed now more than ever.