WWE July 2020 Power Rankings: Bayley and Sasha Banks Have Become The New Show Stoppers

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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3.) AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the current Intercontinental Champion. After defeating Daniel Bryan in the vacant IC Championship Tournament to become the new Intercontinental Champion, he retained the championship against Drew Gulak and Matt Riddle on two separate occasions this month. He is expected to do the same against Gran Metalik on this week’s SmackDown.

Styles assures that no handouts are given during his Intercontinental Championship reign. Whoever wants a title shot against Styles must earn it in a number one contender’s match or pin him in a non-title match. For a heel, this title reign seems promising but it is in jeopardy because Styles’ biggest threat is Big E, who is on the verge of receiving a singles push.

2.) Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s storyline with Sheamus was an emotional roller coaster, and he must have had a cathartic feeling after defeating Sheamus in that Bar Fight this month. As sordid as this storyline was, Hardy made this redemptive path as inspirational as possible and he can now move on to bigger and better things, such as the Intercontinental Championship.

Because of that storyline, Hardy was written off the vacant Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Since he was robbed of that championship opportunity, he should be next in line for that championship. A dream match with AJ Styles will hopefully help take everyone’s mind off of that ill-advised storyline with Sheamus.

1.) Braun Strowman

As our Kevin Parvizi delineated, this is the best Braun Strowman has ever looked.