WWE July 2020 Power Rankings: Bayley and Sasha Banks Have Become The New Show Stoppers

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /
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3.) Seth Rollins

After gouging out Rey Mysterio’s eye at WWE Extreme Rules 2020, Seth Rollins has done his best to not only elevate his disciple, Buddy Murphy, but also his young adversary, Dominick Mysterio. While Murphy got his long overdue revenge against Aleister Black on last week’s Raw, Dominick Mysterio has been looking very strong in his quest for revenge after what Rollins did to his father.

2.) Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is the current WWE Champion. After dethroning Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, he has retained the championship against Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, and Dolph Ziggler over the past three months. His momentum has been at an all-time high but his next contender, Randy Orton, had a bigger impact on the show.

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1.) Randy Orton

After defeated Edge, Christian, and Big Show, Randy Orton has lived up to his name of the ‘Legend Killer’ and plans on ending McIntyre’s reign before McIntyre even becomes a legend. Although McIntyre has the championship, Orton has been on another level on the red brand. Thanks to his incredible drawing power and well-developed character, the age of Orton could return.

Striking while the iron is hot has worked for WWE in the past. Although McIntyre should continue his reign, another title reign for the Viper could spice things up. If that is the direction WWE goes, maybe Orton’s heel run could end up being superior to The Rock’s and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s from the past. Only time will tell.