WWE SmackDown: 3 reasons why Big E should win the Intercontinental Title

WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) /
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Prestige of the Intercontinental Title

With shows being at the PC for the foreseeable future, there needs to be excitement around the mid-card scene. The Intercontinental Title hasn’t had any excitement surrounding it in recent memory. The longest title reign came from Shinsuke Nakamura with 201 days.

Nakamura had a very forgettable title reign with minimal title defenses. Sami Zayn could have brought some excitement back to the title but decided not to compete due to COVID. Which brought us a tournament and ultimately AJ styles becoming champion.

Styles is in his first IC title reign but feels out of place in the mid-card picture. His matches against Daniel Bryan and Matt Riddle were great, though other competitors feel outmatched. Enter Big E, who’s promo work alone could carry a program. It’s also worth noting it’s been seven years since E’s last singles run. A run where he held the IC title.

Circling back for the only singles belt he’s ever held (main roster) is perfect storytelling. Styles could play a similar villain role the way Daniel Bryan did for Kofi. Proclaiming that E can’t be serious and goofs around too much. Styles could then avoid E’s advances for a match until the locker room rallies behind him or the authority (is that still a thing?) intervenes. If done swiftly, this match could take place at SummerSlam.