WWE Rumors: Chad Gable might finally stop being called ‘Shorty G’

According to the latest WWE Rumors, a positive name change might be coming for a SmackDown superstar.

Most name changes in WWE aren’t for the better. Sorry, Vince McMahon, but it’s true. The majority of your ideas stink, and that’s why you’re in the situation you’re in with the TV ratings.

Changing Chad Gable’s name to “Shorty G” in Fall 2019 was one of those, “Um, what?” moments – not to be confused with the much more satisfying “OMG!” moments.

Gable, one of the most talented technical wrestlers in the company, became a joke. The underdog gimmick from the King of the Ring Tournament seemed like it could have led to something at one point, but King Corbin got all the rub by winning the tournament and Gable got nothing.

And now Gable, after a brief backstage interaction, is working WITH Corbin on SmackDown. Corbin didn’t exactly have to do a whole lot of convincing to get Gable on his side, attacking newcomer Matt Riddle.

There may be some good news on the way for Gable, though. Because in addition to a heel turn that could help him find a new edge, the former American Alpha star may finally get to drop the ridiculous “Shorty G” moniker.

That’s according to a report from WrestlingNews.Co’s Paul Davis, who states that there’s “talk” WWE could let Gable “drop” the gimmick now that he’s turned heel. This part of the report falls in line with WWE’s plan to push more underutilized wrestlers, as Daniel Bryan pulled for Gran Metalik to get an Intercontinental Title shot against AJ Styles on SmackDown.

Hopefully, more opportunities will follow for Gable, as WWE fans have been begging for the man to get some shine as a singles competitor. He really should be a mid-card champion by now, as he can be a fantastic Intercontinental Champion. The Kurt Angle comparisons – and praise – are real.

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Plus, nobody wants to call Gable “Shorty G”. I mean, seriously, what on earth was Vince thinking with that awful nickname/gimmick?

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