WWE SmackDown: 3 burning questions for Alexa Bliss after The Fiend’s attack

WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images) /
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How does Alexa Bliss play into the Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt feud?

Braun Strowman “lost” the Wyatt Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules, though it wasn’t really much of a match and was more of an entertaining (well, that adjective depends on your personal opinion, which always varies greatly in professional wrestling) means to an end of getting The Fiend back on WWE television.

We’ve seen Bray Wyatt and, now, The Fiend on WWE SmackDown, but we’ve understandably yet to see Braun Strowman. That should change soon, because WWE have a Universal Title match at SummerSlam to build to, since, you know, Strowman is still the champion that title is clearly what Wyatt is Fiending after.

During the Wyatt Swamp Fight, we saw Wyatt use an illusion of Alexa Bliss to trick Strowman. The two were highly successful mixed tag partners in the Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Live “back in the day”, so there’s a bond there between them.

And so Wyatt used Bliss as a way of baiting Strowman and also getting to him mentally. So it will be exciting to see how Strowman responds to Wyatt heinously attacking Bliss, who was already reeling emotionally from Nikki Cross shoving her to the canvas.

Thereafter, whether or not Bliss plays more of a role heading into SummerSlam is a more interesting topic to revisit, but, first, we need to see Strowman’s initial response. There’s some real potential here, including for Bliss to stand out even more.