WWE SmackDown: 3 ways Big E’s ‘debut’ against The Miz was perfect

WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) /
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He got to make a comeback and kick out of a finisher

It’s so important in the world of WWE for babyfaces to be resilient, because that’s what makes a face look “strong”. And E certainly looked good when he won the match after kicking out of the Skull Crushing Finale.

The SCF is admittedly one of the weaker finishers in WWE, so that’s why E could kick out of it on an episode of WWE SmackDown with no title on the line. But it was still a good moment for the eight-time tag team champion, since he showed that he can take a multi-time mid-card champion’s best shot in a singles match.

More importantly, Big E got to hit a lot of comeback moves and “fight out” from The Miz, doing so in a way that was believable despite his size advantage. E’s comebacks as a member of the New Day are literally right there with Cesaro as the best tag team comebacks in the world, and it was great to see that same skillset translate into a babyface comeback in a singles match.

Even without a crowd, E did a great job of building momentum and teasing his eventual comeback with his selling, getting the fans at home involved in his match. E has a real understanding for what clicks to fans watching, and it subtly showed in this match.