WWE SmackDown: 3 ways Big E’s ‘debut’ against The Miz was perfect

WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) /
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He won with a submission

Wrestling fans don’t want to see any major changes to Big E’s character during this singles run, because, contrary to what Booker T thinks, E is more than capable of winning a world title as he is right now.

But it is important for wrestlers to make tweaks with their move-set, especially if they are transitioning roles. Whether it’s a heel or face turn or a move from singles to tag team competition and vice versa, a wrestler has to be ready to add new things to their repertoire to get a win and change things up.

The Muffler Stretch isn’t a new move for Big E, but it’s one we don’t see him use often to finish matches, since the New Day have their own highly effective tag team finishes. And when E finishes off a match on his own, he usually uses the Big Ending.

But now, E showed he can win with a submission hold, using a Stretch Muffler to put away The Miz. There’s something extra intimidating when you see a powerful babyface tap out a heel with a submission hold, especially a Stretch Muffler that bends the opponent in half.

We can expect to see more submissions, including this finishing move, from E in the coming weeks. And it really does make a face look strong when they win with a submission hold.