WWE SmackDown: 3 ways Big E’s ‘debut’ against The Miz was perfect

WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
WWE, Big E (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images) /
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He didn’t change a damn thing

Big E doesn’t need to “be serious” in order to be a world champion. I mean, in what planet is an NXT Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and freaking eight-time tag team champion not an incredibly serious competitor? Did The Rock’s jokes not make him any less serious? Or the Macho Man Randy Savage’s colorful jackets?

It was awesome seeing Big E literally roll his way into the ring, reenforcing the idea that he can’t be himself and win is entirely laughable and more bad advice from people to a New Day member. The New Day have proven time after time that they know what’s best for them, and they don’t need to listen to Booker T or anyone else.

Big E was Big E on WWE SmackDown, slapping The Miz’s butt all over the place and being his genuine, awesome self. And I mean both awesome in terms of his in-ring work and in terms of his character work in a winning effort.

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That’s exactly what wrestling fans wanted to see and needed to see from E. Beyond him winning, kicking out of the Skull Crushing Finale, hitting big moves, and using a damn awesome submission move, it was wonderful to see Big E enjoying himself out there. We need more of that from our babyfaces, and those are the babyfaces who need to be holding titles so that they feel important.