WWE SummerSlam 2020: 3 reasons why Apollo Crews should win

WWE, Apollo Crews (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Apollo Crews (photo courtesy of WWE) /
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Bobby Lashley would be a better pick to win the title

If the Hurt Business add the United States Championship to their trophy case in 2020, then it would make more sense for Bobby Lashley to be the one to defeat Apollo Crews than MVP.

Lashley and Drew McIntyre had a great feud at Backlash for the WWE Championship, and even though Lashley lost, he reestablished himself as one of the biggest male stars on Monday Night Raw in the rivalry.

MVP has added a lot to Lashley as a performer, and let’s not forget that he’s calling Lashley the CEO of the Hurt Business. As much as MVP’s mind for the business has enabled him to pull the strings and center himself on the microphone, Lashley is the star of the show due to his incredible wrestling ability. Lashley is legitimately one of the most gifted wrestlers in the company in terms of in-ring psychology, variety of moves, legitimate fighting background, and pure power.

The reality is that Lashley should be winning the WWE Title and feuding with Brock Lesnar when fans are back, since Lesnar vs. Lashley would be a marquee feud for that point in time. Until then, it would be nice to see Lashley win a title, and it would make a lot more sense for him to lead the Hurt Business with a championship than MVP.