WWE SummerSlam 2020: 3 reasons why Seth Rollins vs. Dominik will overdeliver

WWE, Seth Rollins Photo courtesy WWE.com
WWE, Seth Rollins Photo courtesy WWE.com /
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3. Seth Rollins can pull others up

Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers in WWE. At this point, that seems less like an opinion and more like a statement of fact, since he’s been carrying this mantle for so many years. It’s what led to his babyface run as Intercontinental Champion in 2018 when he was putting on great match after great match. Rollins’ popularity was unrivaled, and that’s why he ended up beating the Beast Incarnate twice in 2019.

Bad booking costed him his babyface momentum, but he’s turned it around in a huge way as a heel. This Monday Night Messiah character offers such an interesting paradox of behind-the-scenes and kayfabe, because, in kayfabe, Rollins is a merciless heel. In reality, his character can help clear the way for a new generation of stars on Raw, which is what he refers to in-character as the “Greater Good”. The means he uses are nefarious, but, outside kayfabe, he can help usher in Murphy, Aleister Black, Humberto Carrillo, and Dominik as big stars. You know, if WWE books it that way,

Rollins can only control what he can control, which is his own in-ring performance and promos. The best way for him to help young stars is to put on great matches with them and allow them to shine in segments on weekly television. Dominik and Murphy have looked quite good, and WWE SummerSlam is Rollins’ opportunity to help pull up Dominik and allow him to shine.

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When it comes to fulfilling this role, Rollins usually knocks it out of the park. What makes him so good as a heel is that he’s better at pulling others up in a match than anything else.