WWE: The Montez Ford poisoning mystery

WWE, Street Profits Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Street Profits Photo Credit: WWE.com /

Was it Zelina Vega or someone else who poisoned the tag team champion?

Monday Night RAW  left us with more questions than it did answers. Why were the lights glitching out? What happened to the microphones? Who were the five people  that threw molotov cocktails at a backup generator? And the most Important question of all, at least for the purposes of this investigation,  who poisoned Montez Ford?

Montez Ford  and Angelo Dawkins were scheduled for singles competition against their SummerSlam challengers  for the Raw Tag Team Championships,  Andrade, and Angel Garza respectively . Angelo was set to face Garza, and Montez was scheduled to fight Andrade. The Street Profits make their entrance together ahead of Dawkins’ Match against Garza. Up until this point everything seemed normal. Except for one thing, Dawkins doesn’t have his red solo cup with him. The Profits make their usual hyped entrance (Ill- advisedly through the crowd) and made their way to the ring.

They proceed to cut a promo on their opponents,which is interrupted by Andrade’s theme song as Zelina Vega, and her business associates head towards the ring. At that moment Montez takes a sip out of his red solo cup, and for the briefest of moments a confused look fleets across his face. A few seconds later, he takes a second sip, and the same look of “something isn’t right” is present in his facial expression.

Dawkins’ match against Garza proceeds, and Ford is ring side hyping up his best friend and tag team partner. Again, nothing suspicious. Until, Dawkins hits a running bull dog close to the ropes. In his excitement, Montez starts shaking the ropes (this is important) and immediately collapses. Angelo is distracted by this, allowing Garza to capitalize and pick up the win.

Following a brief commercial break (and I’d assume medics checking on Ford), it was time for Ford to face Andrade. The match was at a much slower pace compared to what we’re used to seeing, but then again he had just collapsed earlier, so the slow pace was understandable. As the match progressed, Montez started getting more amped  and after hitting a plancha on the outside , goes back into the ring, and starts shaking the ropes. Again. Just like earlier, Ford collapses during his celebration.

The match is called off as Ford is attended to once again. Backstage, Dawkins reveals news from the trainer’s room that Ford was poisoned. Biana Belair makes an appearance and action heats up once she accuses Vega and her crew of the crime at hand.

The suspects

So now the question we all want answered. Who poisoned Ford? The first suspect, would be his own tag team partner, Dawkins. It seems like a very bizarre coincidence that on the one night that Dawkins comes to the ring without his red Solo cup, Ford gets poisoned. However, the look of concern on his face after Ford collapsed seems to rule him out for now.

The next possible suspect  is Vega, she isn’t afraid to take shortcuts or use underhanded tactics to guarantee victory for her business associates. Further more, Belair seems to be convinced that Vega is responsible for poisoning her husband.

However, one very important question halts this train of thought right in it’s tracks. What would she gain? Her business associates finally have a championship opportunity, one they would lose if one-half of the Raw Tag team Champions was unable to defend. She has zero guarantees whatsoever that Dawkins would be forced to defend the titles in a handicap match.

The next logical step would be to  suspect Garza or Andrade. If the business manager didn’t do it, maybe the business associates did. Except, they didn’t. The same logic used to remove suspicion from Vega can be used here. They have nothing to gain.


So, we are right  back at square one with several questions and still no answers. Who poisoned Montez Ford? Who has a grudge against the Street Profits? Who would go so far as risking a life to gain an upper hand?  As of this moment, no names come to mind, and that intrigues me. There is a possibility that it can be anyone, even the four suspects I previously “cleared”.

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This is a story line that , if carried out correctly, has massive potential (looking at you, Merick Rowan). The curiosity of a ” who did it” angle is sure to guarantee returned viewership. So for now the answer to the question “Who Poisoned Montez Ford?”, seems to be “wait and see.”