Vickie Guerrero talks about signing contract with AEW, Nyla Rose, more

Vickie Guerrero debuts in AEW as Nyla Rose's manager (photo courtesy of AEW)
Vickie Guerrero debuts in AEW as Nyla Rose's manager (photo courtesy of AEW) /

FanSided’s Daily DDT had a chance to talk with AEW’s own Vickie Guerrero.

Back in mid-July, Vickie Guerrero debuted for AEW as the new manager for Nyla Rose. Guerrero told Daily DDT that she has officially signed a deal with the company this week, and the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

She then went on to talk about what the decision process was like to join the company, and how she did not want to return to the WWE.

"“No hesitation, put it that way,” Guerrero said. “I retired from WWE in 2014. My focus was not to return to them. We just had a lot of just difference of opinions and things going on. If it wasn’t going to be for AEW, I don’t think I would be anywhere else, but when AEW presented that there was some opportunity, I gave 100%, just my whole being. I said, “I’m here for you and I can’t wait to be a team player with the company.””"

Guerrero said a lot of people from the company approached her to come join AEW.

"“I think it was a lot of mutual friends,” she said. “I have a lot of great friends that I’ve known from past years, Cody Rhodes, and Dean Malenko, gosh, just me collaborating and being at different appearances. There’s been conversation back and forth. I think with that, we just came to the conclusion that I would love to work at AEW, which I expressed fully. I just, I fell in love with the company and the respect they have for the superstars and the way they run their company was something that attracted me. That’s where I am now. I’m really happy to be there.”"

She debuted and was revealed as Nyla Rose’s new manager, and she talked about how they have meshed well behind the scenes, trying to make everything work on screen.

"“Nyla and I have been having a great time backstage,” she said. “We’re creating new ideas for a creative storyline. We’re thinking of new slogans, along with our hashtags. I mean she has a great attitude and such a funny person to work with. I think with our comedian scenes and just jokes has made it for a really fun time backstage. I’m looking forward to some really great storylines with the women’s roster at AEW.”"

In the past, a lot of people who left WWE have had a lot of complaints since they joined AEW, or other wrestling promotions, but for Guerrero, she has no complaints and also talked about how her late husband, Eddie Guerrero always looked up to Vince McMahon as a dad.

"“With WWE, I’m always grateful for the opportunity they gave to my late husband, Eddie Guerrero,” she said. “Then for me too, to start my legacy, so to speak. I’m very grateful for what they gave me back then and just gave me the opportunity to further my career. I’ll always grateful for that.”Vickie continued: “No, just Vince McMahon was very good to Eddie and I. Eddie thought of him as a dad. He was very good to me and took great care of me when Eddie passed away. I think my focus with WWE was to do the best I could for him. I did that and we left on very good terms.”"

Guerrero made a surprise return to WWE back in 2018 during the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble, and how she caught up with all the other women who participated.

"“Oh, it was a lot of fun,” she said. “I mean, I get to meet women from past rosters and meet the current roster. It was like a big reunion to work with all the other 29 women for the Rumble, to have me on there was … I was honored. It was a great memory. It’s something that will be in my heart forever.”"

Speaking of the Royal Rumble back in 2018, it was a huge night for multiple reasons, including the debut of Ronda Rousey. Asuka won the Rumble, and Guerrero felt the debut of Rousey overshadowed that part of the show.

"“As far as I think it took away from Asuka winning the Rumble,” she said. “I think that I felt bad about Asuka not having the spotlight, which she deserves. But that’s their creative decision and I didn’t have a say in anything. I walked away happy with what I did and let them continued with what they wanted to do with Ronda Rousey.”"

Guerrero was in a lot of storylines in her time with WWE, but for her, there is one specific storyline that she feels was the best one she was a part of, and rep with the fans in the wrestling world and WWE as a whole.

"“Gosh, I guess the best storyline I’ve been a part of is the Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s storyline, with WWE,” she said. “That was what started my character. That’s what built my confidence to know where my character could go. With the help of Edge, he helped me a lot with the psychology and learning my way around the ring and how to present my character. I think that was my first storyline that really got me notoriety with the wrestling fans.”"

Over the past week, intergender wrestling has been a hot topic as of late on social media giving their various opinions on the matter.

Guerrero believes intergender wrestling can bring something new, and something fresh to the table for wrestling fans.

"“I think it’s great. I think everyone brings their talent and their creativity of their match,” she said. “I enjoy inter-gender wrestling. I think that for different tag teams to collaborate and to have matches, I’ve seen some great ones. I welcome it. I think it’s a good variety for the fans. It gives a different card for the fans to enjoy for a show.”"

For the past four to five years now, we have seen an evolution in women’s wrestling. More opportunities for the women’s wrestlers to show their stories and showcase their talents to the world. We have seen women main event WrestleMania for the first time in history.

For women wrestling, better things are to come and the evolution for women’s wrestling is still going and booming. Guerrero gave a little insight on how she wants the evolution to be in AEW.

"“I think it’s great,” she said. “I’m really proud of the women’s division, to be able to have the opportunity to have a lot of TV time and get the exposure that the women deserve. Every woman in the wrestling industry has contributed one way another. I think that’s just the result of the women being able to be noticed by the fans worldwide. As far as my interests with AEW is to improve the women’s division, to be a part of it. If I can give a little bit of exposure for the women, with the AEW fans, then I’ll be really happy with that.”"

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Bringing Vickie onboard is a huge get for AEW and the women’s division. She can help propel them to the next level over time. Vickie is a huge asset, especially on the creative side working with a lot of the women’s wrestlers.