WWE: 10 superstars who could be members of RETRIBUTION

WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Aleister Black Photo Credit: WWE.com /
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WWE teased the appearance of a new faction this week, but their identities remain a mystery. Which superstars could be members of the new group RETRIBUTION?

WWE laid the foundation of a new faction this week on WWE Raw, and now word from WWE.com indicates the group will be known as RETRIBUTION. Throughout WWE Raw, there were small indications that something was amiss.

Power outages and intermittent audio issues seemed to plague various parts of the show. On top of that, there was the mysterious pile of crates pushed over backstage that was believed to be intentional, though what purpose that served aside from distraction wasn’t clear.

The group was finally shown, in a way, when security footage was played during WWE Raw where five hooded figures firebombed a generator outside of the WWE Performance Center. Talent, and WWE.com, referred to them as using Molotov cocktails.

Now, there’s an elephant in the room as far as the likelihood that WWE (a company where staunch Trump-supporting Vince McMahon has final say on everything) is using ANTIFA and the wave of protests against police violence around the US as inspiration. Of course, the group is “not intended to be political,” per sources that spoke to former WWE Backstage correspondent Ryan Satin. [H/T Jude Terror, Bleeding Cool]

Leaving those issues to be unpacked at another time, the primary question about this new faction is exactly who will be a member of the group. With five figures shown in the security footage, let’s look at ten WWE superstars who could be revealed as members of RETRIBUTION.