WWE NXT: 5 potential mystery opponents for Kushida and Cameron Grimes

WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by Dennis Jerome Acosta/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by Dennis Jerome Acosta/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) /
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Drew Gulak

Speaking of cruiserweights who are overlooked, there’s Drew Gulak who has tried his best to make an impact on Friday nights as a member of the SmackDown roster. His brief alliance with Daniel Bryan almost put him on the path to the Intercontinental Championship, but that seems unlikely to happen at this point.

As a result, Gulak may be tired of being overlooked on SmackDown. Were he to find his way to WWE NXT once again, Gulak could immediately carve his path to the NXT North American Championship, which would be a definite step up from where he’s currently at.

Mustafa Ali

Another superstar who has been criminally overlooked is Mustafa Ali. Whether it be during his tenure on SmackDown or even his recent return to WWE Raw, nothing Ali does seems to break through the noise.

This is in spite of his amazing in-ring prowess and presence on the microphone, and the former 205 Live mainstay could be looking at the NXT North American Championship as potentially being his first taste of gold in WWE.

Kevin Owens

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the dark horse shocker that would be Kevin Owens. A former NXT Champion, Owens is no stranger to NXT and even made a return to NXT back at NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019.

This week, Owens interacted with Ric Flair and the WWE Hall of Famer pushed Owens to stop worrying about helping others and take control of his career. Owens also showed some regret at the friendships he’s lost over the years and the actions he’s taken to garner the success he’s had in the past.

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If he’s committed to doing things differently, it would be amazing to see Owens almost humble himself by stepping back down to NXT, choosing to climb his way back up starting with the NXT North American Championship, but doing so the “right way” this time.