WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon sees Bianca Belair, Peyton Royce as singles stars

WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com /

According to the latest WWE Rumors, Vince McMahon is high on two Raw wrestlers as singles stars.

Bianca Belair was called up to Raw after WrestleMania 36, and although she wasn’t featured for a period of months, the former EST of NXT has been stealing the show on WWE television in the past couple of weeks.

Although Belair doesn’t get much segment time right now, I can safely say that my timeline is abuzz whenever she appears. That’s because she’s so talented that she stands out from everyone else with her wit, charisma, command of the camera, and character work. Belair only needs a minute to shine.

According to the Wrestling Observer News’ Dave Meltzer, via WrestlingNews.Co’s Paul Davis, Vince McMahon recently told investors in a call that he sees Bianca Belair and Peyton Royce as future singles stars. And Davis added that people backstage have been praising Belair highly since her days in NXT.

Bianca Belair needs to be a champion in WWE soon

It’s frustrating that Belair has not been a champion in WWE yet, but hopefully it happens by the time 2021 ends. I know that’s a long time to wait, still, but WWE will have to build her up before she can be a world title challenger and then a champion. But clearly, she has every single thing you look for in a champion. Everyone who watched her in NXT knows it, and it’s good to hear word that Vince understands her talent.

Royce is an interesting pick, since she and Billie Kay are teamed up as the IIconics. Maybe they really do break them up, but I doubt many fans would want to see that. It’s much more preferable for WWE to get the best of both worlds from Royce and Kay. That is, have them continue to tag together but also have them compete for singles titles. Royce is a great promo and in-ring talent who could also be a champion.

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Though if I had to predict who should win a title first and who has the most potential, then I would go with Belair. She really could be one of the biggest stars in the company, just looking at her work in and out of the ring. But WWE would do well to push both as stars on Raw. Given the ratings, they should do so sooner rather than later.