WWE SmackDown Results, Grades: Bray Wyatt masterfully got his match

WWE, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt Credit: WWE.com
WWE, The Fiend, Bray Wyatt Credit: WWE.com /
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Jeff Hardy vs. King Corbin [Grudge Match]

Result: Jeff Hardy (via DQ)

Grade: B-, Like Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus earlier, this match was decent but ruined by the inconclusive finish. Thankfully, it seemed that Sheamus did not turn face and was simply taking care of business.

Jeff Hardy gained control early on with his Whisper in the Wind and aerial maneuvers. King Corbin rallied back with the Deep Six, but Sheamus ran in to Brogue Kick Jeff Hardy, forcing a disqualification finish in Hardy’s favor.

Not only did Sheamus get the opportunity to Brogue Kick his past rival, Hardy, but he also got payback for what Corbin’s ally, Shorty G, did to him earlier. Since Sheamus cost Corbin the match, Corbin challenged Sheamus to a match right away.

Sheamus vs. King Corbin [Grudge Match]

Result: Sheamus (via pinfall)

Grade: B-, Unlike the two scheduled matches on this episode, this match actually ended conclusively despite the nefarious victory. So, the main story here is that Riddle and Corbin enjoy costing each other victories while WWE tries to maintain Jeff Hardy and Sheamus’ momentum. Was that killing two birds with one stone or rowing up a creek without a paddle?

King Corbin gained control early on with his ground-based attacks and chin locks. However, he got distracted by Matt Riddle, allowing Sheamus to capitalize with a Brogue Kick to Corbin for the three-count and the victory.

Interview: Bayley and Sasha Banks w/Stephanie McMahon

Result: Bayley and Sasha Banks had their hands full

Grade: A-, Bayley and Sasha Banks’ segments are always fun to watch. This segment was amplified by Stephanie McMahon’s announcement of a Triple Brand Battle Royal. That should be exciting. Take everyone’s money for that upcoming match.

Bayley and Sasha Banks had a backstage chat about Bayley’s upcoming match with Asuka. Bayley seemed nervous about her match with Asuka since Banks tossed her into this match without her permission. Did Bayley forget how many times she did that to Banks?

When they had the interview with Stephanie McMahon, they conveyed to Stephanie that they are the role models the women’s evolution needs, especially for Stephanie’s daughter. Stephanie wasn’t buying it due to their nefarious victories as of late.

Stephanie accepted the idea that Bayley and Banks found a loophole in her stipulation but she challenged them even further by announcing a Triple-Brand Battle Royal to determine who battles Bayley for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz and Morrison (w/Sonya Deville) [Tag Match]

Result: No Contest

Grade: B-, Another inconclusive finish? Why did the match even end? No one in the match got attacked. This is deja vu from when Asuka attacked Bayley on Raw. On the bright side, at least this attack advanced the rivalry between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. It was fun to see them fight things out. The fact that chaos ensued with RETRIBUTION after this match was just wild.

Heavy Machinery and The Miz and Morrison had the final match of the night. The fact that Sonya Deville came out with The Miz and Morrison was a key sign that Rose would come out to attack her. But why did that end the match in disqualification?

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While Rose and Deville brawled in the backstage area, RETRIBUTION ran out to the ring, sprayed everything with graffiti, and used chainsaws to completely tear down the ring. That’s how SmackDown ended.