WWE SummerSlam 2020 Bold Predictions: Sasha Banks Will Go Bankrupt

Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com
Sasha Banks, WWE Credit: WWE.com /
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2.) Otis Will Cash In His MITB Contract Successfully

When it comes to Otis and the MITB contract, it would be preferable for most WWE fans if he made history by allowing the MITB contract to expire on him in one year’s time. It could also be preferable for others if he cashed in on the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with Tucker since he is a tag team wrestler and is not nearly ready to become a singles champion at this stage of his career. However, a MITB cash-in by Otis could be useful in the Strowman-Wyatt program.

Since Strowman was always a ‘plan B’ champion who replaced Roman Reigns and Wyatt was probably not in the original plans to win the championship back, why would either win? This would be the perfect moment to book a risible swerve, in which Otis cashes in his MITB contract to win the Universal Championship. With Otis as Universal Champion, it would spice things up in the very jejune Universal Championship picture on the blue brand.

This would coincide nicely with AJ Styles losing the IC Championship to Big E at this event because it would free up Styles to target Otis immediately after SummerSlam for the Universal Title. Remember when Styles grabbed the MITB briefcase but it slipped into Otis’ hands at WWE MITB 2020? With WWE Payback 2020 rumored to occur a week after SummerSlam, ‘payback’ would be exactly what Styles would seek from Otis to get revenge for robbing him of that MITB Briefcase.