WWE, Mustafa Ali is an answer to your major problem

WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com /

WWE wants to bring up its falling ratings? WWE wants to build new stars? Well, how about they start with finally pushing Mustafa Ali.

I remember in the summer of 2018, Mustafa Ali was one of the most talked-about wrestlers in WWE. No, he wasn’t on Raw or SmackDown. He was on 205 Live. Ali wasn’t even the champion. But Ali was still making waves on social media by shooting his own promos, creating literally the highest-quality content in WWE for a string of months.

In December, Ali got his taste of the main roster, getting what was then a one-off match with the legendary Daniel Bryan. Ali absolutely killed it, and WWE kept him on SmackDown. He was seizing an opportunity. Ali even pinned then-WWE Champion Bryan in that match!

But since then, Ali has largely been an afterthought in WWE. It’s been difficult for him to get on television, and while he gets some promo time here and there, such as when he cut a recent promo on MVP during Raw, we get the sense that Vince McMahon doesn’t care about him.

Worse yet, Ali lost to Riddick Moss on Main Event. To Riddick Moss. Remember how mad people got when Moss beat Ricochet, another wrestler whom Vince suddenly stopped pushing? Yeah…

WWE’s booking of Mustafa Ali has been disgraceful

It’s disgraceful how WWE is booking Ali. They sit there with their awful ratings and can’t seem to comprehend that their ratings are so bad because they keep screwing things up. Fans are intrigued by RETRIBUTION. Yes. Raw Underground is an interesting idea, truthfully. But nobody has faith in WWE executing or even properly booking either over the long term, because they continually fail at the most basic aspect of booking. Making people care.

With Ali, his poor booking becomes even more troubling when you start to think about why he may not be pushed. He’s been talking a lot about his ring name Mustafa Ali and the opportunity he has to be a light to many fans or wrestlers who don’t feel they have a place in the sport because of discrimination.


Also recall that WWE once removed the name “Mustafa” from “Mustafa Ali” before finally bringing it back. Basically, it’s hard for many fans to come up with any rational reason for why WWE would NOT push Ali, other than discrimination.

Because Ali is a great wrestler. He’s an even better promo. Ali is one of the best babyfaces in this business, to the point where Vince McMahon literally said he could be a money-maker as a face because of how much fans are behind him.

And they are fully behind him. The video of Ali’s return has received 2.2 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most popular segments in WWE from the past several weeks. As a fan pointed out, that’s a lot more than the 1.2 million views the vide of Shane McMahon’s return introducing Raw Underground got. Likewise, RETRIBUTION has 1.2 million.

Raw Underground is Vince’s latest gamble to boost the ratings. Mustafa Ali is a LOT more popular than that. His literal return video has a million more views! So you do the math. If even Vince once acknowledged that there’s money in Ali, why would he back out of it? Because of the name “Mustafa Ali”? Seriously?

It really is this easy. Push Mustafa Ali. People want to hear from him. Whether it’s his YouTube videos – he literally had videos with millions of views on 205 Live when most 205 videos get less than 100,000 – or his tweets, Ali gets buzz. People care about him. They sure as hell care about him more than whatever new idea Vince has that serves as a band-aid instead of, you know, actually booking a good show and pushing talented wrestlers the audience likes.

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If you are a fan reading this and you love watching Mustafa and want better, keep watching his segments. Keep tweeting his name. And keep supporting him. As he says, he has been chosen by the fans, and even if WWE wants to make the incredibly foolish decision of not treating him properly, the fans will not sit there in silence.