WWE Raw Predictions: Shayna Baszler Will Wreak Havoc on Raw Underground

WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Shayna Baszler Photo: WWE.com /
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2.) Randy Orton (w/Ric Flair) vs. Kevin Owens [Grudge Match]

On last week’s WWE Raw, Kevin Owens interacted with Ric Flair in the backstage area. They talked about how Owens has been prioritizing friendships over championships as of late. Owens felt that he has been prioritizing his own self-interest for too long in the WWE and that he needs to right the wrongs of his past by becoming an altruistic leader in the locker room.

Either Owens feels eminently empty inside from all the betrayals he has implemented in his career or he is merely taking a page out of Sami Zayn’s playbook when it comes to altruism and using that to portray his babyface character. If it’s the latter, it makes sense why he challenged Randy Orton, whom McIntyre referred to as a ‘selfish prick,’ for this week’s Raw.

On this week’s WWE Raw, Orton will defeat Owens to gain momentum for his upcoming WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre. While Owens’ momentum could be saved by a disqualification finish, there’s no chance in hell he is defeating the number one contender to the WWE Championship.

It’s saddening that Owens has been put in a position on the red brand that can easily make anyone forget about his main event status. Clearly, he is being fed to Orton here in what could be a show-stealing match. Unlike their last encounter that ended in controversy after a fast count, let’s hope the referee calls this match right down the middle.

Prediction: Randy Orton