WWE: 6 superstars who could win the battle royal to challenge Bayley at SummerSlam

WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bayley Credit: WWE.com /
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WWE SummerSlam is nearing, and a huge triple brand battle royal has been made to determine who will challenge Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Title.

It’s been over 300 days since Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell 2019 to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship. In that time, she’s successfully defended the title against Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks.

The Golden Role Models have also captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, leading to the birth of Bayley Dos Straps. There’s no doubt Sasha Banks has been a help at times, but at this point you can’t deny the dominance Bayley has shown since capturing the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

With most of the SmackDown roster having felt the wrath of Bayley Dos Straps, Stephanie McMahon revealed this week on SmackDown that there will be a huge triple brand battle royal next week on SmackDown. Superstars from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT will come together to see who gets the right to challenge Bayley at SummerSlam.

This is a huge opportunity for so many of the women in WWE, but who will take advantage and turn it into a title shot at SummerSlam? We could see a former challenger capitalize and go after Bayley one more time.

We could also see an enormous and impactful debut if someone from NXT were to enter the battle royal and win during their first main roster match. Here, we’ll look at six superstars, two from each brand, who could be poised to win the battle royal and target Bayley at SummerSlam.